The Wolfe family have always been homeschoolers. 

   In 2012 they traveled to Honduras to attend a small language school for 2 months in order to further the boys' education. A year later, they made the decision to move permanently to Honduras and take ownership of the Spanish Institute of Honduras. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to making the Institute into one of the premiere language schools in Central America. 

    Five years later, they now have several other businesses which keep all of them busy but the Spanish Institute of Honduras remains central to all that they do. 

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  We are very proud of the dedication and commitment to excellence each of our Honduran teachers has shown. Many of our teachers have more than 15 years teaching Spanish as a second language to missionaries and NGO volunteers.

  Our teachers receive continued education through quarterly workshops.

  Each of our teachers sees their work as a calling and it shows in the quality of each class. 

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  The Spanish Institute of Honduras is located in beautiful Siguatepeque, Honduras. Even though our online classes have become a large part of what we do, our campus remains a core component of what our language school is all about. 

  Each year, we have many students from around the world come and study with us in person. Some of our students began their studies through our online program and then decided to finish their studies with us in-country in order to also learn the culture as they learn the language. 

  If you would like to consider studying at our campus, please contact the school administrator at:

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